LOGiRISK© offers you a further best practice instrument for risk minimisation in logistics and transport.

Vorbeugende vertragliche Risikogestaltung in Logistik und Transport

Our product LOGiRISK© offers you a further best practice instrument for risk minimisation in logistics and transport. We create security for your company by providing a check list encompassing some 400 items alongside risk analysis, compensation and contract law tools. We examine the existing risks facing your company division when entering into agreements and/or in general terms. These risks are then eliminated in order to establish a favourable situation from which you are able to benefit.

Your Benefits:

The contract is drawn up according to our proven 4-step model:

Stage 1:

Risk analysis

We identify the risks arising for your company from your operational business and from the relevant applicable statutory and contractual provisions. We create transparency in respect of the nature and scope of existing risks and use this as a basis for delivering enhancement.


A logistics services provider carries out quality checks on products which are relevant to safety, such as tyres. The danger that regress will be sought for product liability on the part of the manufacturer will increase if these controls are carried out deficiently and result in a recall.

Stage 2:

GAP analysis

We contrast the outcome of the risk analysis against your insurance policies and performance agreements in order to scrutinise whether there are any gaps or hazardous provisions relating to the current risks.


The risk of product liability is not covered by the transport liability insurance policy.

Stage 3:

Development of measures to minimise risk

In order to ensure that your liability risk is limited and that the best interests of your customer are taken into account in this regard, we will draw up provisions in the logistics agreement to restrict liability and will also compile any insurance solutions that may be required.

Stage 4:


The final step involves the realisation of the measures developed in Stage 3, e.g. a content comparison of alternative insurance quotations.


In suitable cases, we also offer our cost-free pre-check procedure.

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