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Designing transport agreements

Designing transport agreements

Basic principles, problem areas and opportunities for optimisation

Transport orders are often issued on the basis of longer-term contracts, although individual freight or forwarding agreements may also be used depending on different relevant needs. However, these contracts and agreements almost always fail to take sufficient account of the universal objectives of transport logistics, especially with regard to secure logistics processes. An agreement must also map out any new situations which are not initially foreseeable. General services agreements are frequently burdened by interminable details which, in the interest of clarity, would be better governed via annexes. Individual agreements also contain many design aspects which may be to the detriment of the service provider or the client.

This seminar will provide you with the specialist transport law knowledge which is necessary in order to improve the way you do business and, above all, to avoid standard errors.

Seminar contents

Prerequisites and criteria for optimised transport agreements

· Criteria for “good transport agreements”

· Legal risk analysis and risk minimisation techniques

· Special ways of designing general services agreements, route allocation (lanes), exclusivity provisions, quantity-related regulations

· Individual transport agreements governed by General Terms and Conditions, in particular German Freight Forwarders’ Standard Terms and Conditions (ADSp)

· Quality aspects of performance (bonus-malus system, CIP)

· Standard disruptions to performance such as delays, demurrage and similar

· Practical problems arising in respect of liability, insurance, gross culpability on the part of organisations and unrestricted liability

· Certain points addressed in greater depth in accordance with the wishes of the participants

Workshop on practical contractual design

· Drawing up a general services agreement via a two-person role play complete with best practice check list

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30 06 2022


BVL Seminare
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