Our partners

As a leading law firm specialising in the design and optimisation of transport and logistics agreements, we are already very familiar with your requirements and wishes under contract law. For everything else, we have strong partners in place with whom we collaborate on behalf of our clients. This way of working has enabled us to contribute to the business success of companies across trade and industry and of logistics services providers.

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Metroplan Holding

Metroplan is a leading technical consultancy and planning company. It operates from sites in Hamburg, Wroclaw and Warsaw to design comprehensive solutions for manufacturing and logistics locations. The results produced are based on sound analysis and hard facts. Metroplan takes a sustainable and passionate approach towards providing the necessary security for investment decisions and thus creates the prerequisites for the success of its clients. In 2016, the company was named best logistics brand by the German Association of Logistics Services Providers (BVL) and the specialist journal LOGISTIK HEUTE.

For further information, please visit www.metroplan.de

GLA Gefahrgutberatung GmbH

GLA Gefahrgutberatung GmbH offers initial and continuing training programmes in the logistics sector and in the law relating to dangerous goods. Further products include support and consultancy in the area of hazardous cargo, instruction courses for drivers of dangerous goods in the Cologne area needing to obtain an ADR licence and the provision of external dangerous goods officer services for road/sea transport.

More information is available at www.gla-logistik.de

U-CI Uebach Consulting Innovations GmbH

The experienced managers and specialists at Uebach Consulting (UCI) advise and support companies and entrepreneurs both individually and within the context of the market with the aim of achieving a sustained increase in value. UCI works in conjunction with its clients to draw up joint strategies and measures. Targeted project work leads to feasible solutions and measurable outcomes. The company’s objective and commitment is to deliver benefits to customers by embracing specific and results-oriented procedures.

For more details, go to www.u-ci.de


The company LogistikPlan specialises in factory planning and logistics consultancy. It adopts an advisory, planning and management role in order to provide impetuses, concepts and solutions and support clients seeking growth and optimisation.

LogistikPlan operates across three business divisions to assist companies seeking further development. Many of its projects begin with strategic or conceptual consultancy. The subsequent planning process represents the company’s core expertise. LogistikPlan offers a consistent project workflow which extends all the way to successful realisation.

Visit the company’s website at logistikplan.de

Unternehmensberatung für Verkehrsbetriebe Reinhard Bellessem

Consultancy services for companies

  • Overall analysis, SWOT analysis, proposals for improvement
  • Leasing and credit analyses, optimisation
    Truck cost accounting, recalculations, identification of profitability
  • Detection of areas of potential for costs savings
  • Cooperation consultancy, partner search
  • Recruitment
  • Chairing of networking groups

The aim Networking at senior management level

  • Cooperation
  • Impetuses for achieving improved results
  • The pathway
  • Database system, key indicators and comparison of procurement terms and conditions
  • Benchmarking, comparison of all costs
  • Examples of seminar topics
  • Business survival, optimisation of financing, dealing with banks
  • Buy, lease or rent
  • Cost accounting for trucks and recalculations, price adjustments

For more information, please visit www.bellessem.de