Optimised agreements for the use of logistics facilities and other commercial properties

We use LOGiMIET® to design an individually optimised agreement relating to all aspects of use of logistics facilities and other commercial properties and/or use of the associated surrounding land, regardless of whether you are an owner (or investor) or the tenant of a logistics facility or of a site being used for logistics purposes. Typical examples include rental agreements for logistics facilities, leasehold agreements, infrastructure connection contracts or use agreements.

Take advantage of the extensive, systematised expert knowledge which we have gained from many years of dealing with logistics agreements to achieve quantifiably better contracts. You will receive optimised agreements which will serve as the foundation for secure, sustainable and cost-effective business relations between owners/investors and users of logistics facilities and sites. Many special designs for logistics facilities are readily adaptable to general commercial property situations.

Your benefits 

Contract design takes place by using our tried and tested 3-stage model.

Stage 1
Contract workshop

Discussion of the configuration on the basis of your company-specific input, our best practice standard and our internal check list comprising over 450 items.

Stage 2
Contract design

Configuration and design of an individually optimised logistics facilities agreement or improvement of an existing contract for you in your capacity as owner (or investor) or user of a logistics property whilst according due consideration to your business goals and to the specific characteristics of the site.

Stage 3
Adaptation/negotiation (if required)

Amendment of proposals made on this side or support during contractual negotiations, including in the form of coaching.


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