Logistics and transport law


Our lawyers specialise in all issues and concerns relating to logistics and transport law. Contract design is a particular focus of attention. We can also support you in the extra-judicial and judicial assertion of claims and in Court of Arbitration proceedings both in Germany and abroad.

Logistik und Transportrecht

Bereits seit über 25 Jahren beraten wir bedeutende Industrie- und Handelsunternehmen sowie namhafte Logistikdienstleister. Hierbei steht insbesondere die Prüfung, Optimierung und Gestaltung  von Logistik-, Logistikoutsourcing-, Transportrahmen-, Logistikimmobilienmiet-, Fulfillment- und Logistik-IT-Verträgen im Fokus.

Logistics and transport agreementsWe have been advising major industrial and commercial enterprises and prestigious logistics service providers for over 25 years. We are centred on helping you to deliver secure logistics services which are cost-effective and sustainable. Our core expertise encompasses the scrutiny, optimisation and structuring of logistics agreements, of logistics outsourcing agreements, of general transport services agreements, of fulfilment agreements and of all other sorts of contracts relating to the logistics sector which deal with matters such as use of buildings, IT and data privacy.

e take account of your sector-specific characteristics, your individual circumstances and your status as either a customer or logistics service provider to draw up customised agreements. We also scrutinise existing agreements, conduct contractual negotiations and act on your behalf to assert claims arising from individual logistics and transport agreements.

Specialists in logistics & transport law with a particular expertise in contract designWe see ourselves as your long-term partner and consultant. The legally precise work we carry out is based on careful strategic consideration, and we are able to look far into the future. For this reason, we also offer ongoing legal advice. We either act as an external legal department in this respect or else seek to support your own in-house legal staff.