Optimised agreements for logistics IT users

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LOGiIT© is the right choice for a user-optimised agreement which is specially tailored to your logistics IT.

Agreements drawn up by logistics IT providers are frequently very one-sided and designed to favour the interests of the providers themselves. They impinge unreasonably on the rights of the logistics company in its capacity as the customer. What are the typical experiences in practice?

Everything becomes three times as expensive, and no satisfactory results ultimately emerge.

In order to avoid such situations, we will design a user-optimised agreement specifically customised to logistics IT which you can use to negotiate with your logistics IT service provider (software/hardware). We will ensure that your objectives are contractually agreed in a way which allows you to require implementation from your IT provider without incurring additional costs.

Take advantage of the extensive, systematised expert knowledge which we have gained from many years of dealing with logistics agreements to achieve quantifiably better contracts.

Your benefits 

Die Vertragserstellung erfolgt in 3 Stufen:



Besprechung der Konfiguration des Logistik-IT-Vertrags aufgrund Ihres  Inputs, Best Practice-Standard; dabei legen wir unsere (bei jeder Vertragsverhandlung erweiterten) interne Checkliste zugrunde.



Gestaltung eines individuell optimierten Logistik-IT-Vertrages zur Verhandlung mit Ihrem IT-Anbieter (Software/Hardware) auf Grundlage der Workshop-Ergebnisse.


Adaption/Verhandlung (bei Bedarf)

Änderung von diesseitigen Vorschlägen oder Begleitung während der Vertragsverhandlung – z. B. im Coachingverfahren.

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