Logistics seminars and workshops

Gimmler Logistik Stiftung gGmbH offers advanced and continuing training in the field of logistics and transport law. These training activities focus on contract design in particular. Within this scope, our lawyers pass on their specialist knowledge in a targeted way via the vehicle of seminar workshops and in-house training courses.

Specialists in logistics and transport law and in logistics and transport contract design

Attorney Dr. Karl-Heinz Gimmler can look back on more than 1,000 (as atc 04/23) seminar and workshop days held in logistics and transport law – especially in the field of contract drafting. In addition to our internal specialists, we regularly attract external speakers – who are specialists in their fields – for our seminars and workshops

In-house training courses

Contents tailored to the customer

We also particularly offer in-house training courses which either impart standardised best practice contents relating to certain tendering and contract design situations or else map the specific circumstances faced by the client company depending on the degree of individualisation which has been selected. We will be happy to advise you on the options available!

Seminar providers specialising in logistics and transport

We also work in the field of advanced and continuing professional training for managers in conjunction with prestigious seminar providers such as BVL Seminare gGmbH (formerly the German Logistics Academy) and the advanced training institute operated by German Association of Logistics Services Providers. We are active abroad too, one example here being our collaboration with the Centre for the Transport and Logistics Sector in Vienna (ZTL Wien).