International business law

Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht

We are becoming much more globally aligned and are able to offer you support at an international level. Our services in this regard include supply chain optimisation via the design of international general delivery and purchasing agreements. We are able to draw up international supplier agreements which stipulate insurance solutions whilst also seamlessly incorporating the Incoterms® 2020.

2020 Incoterms® are common currency and indeed are widely deployed. Nevertheless, they contain a number of pitfalls with which many people are unfamiliar. These may result in fatal consequences. The new 2020 Incoterms® in particular also present a number of potential flaws, but remedial action can be taken. Enhanced international supply chains need to improve and supplement the respective Incoterms® which apply. The point in time at which profits are created as defined under financial accounting law is, for example, of relevance to company groups. Additional provisions must also be put in place in respect of the insurance Incoterms CIF/CIP.

Millions in profits or losses can depend on whether German or international laws on the sale of goods or equivalent laws of other countries are applied correctly or not.

Our consultancy services therefore encompass the following. 

A Specialised lawyers work together in this field under the lead management of Karl-Heinz Gimmler. Mr. Gimmler has many years of experience in the area, a circumstance which is also reflected and recognised in his membership of the Examination Board for Specialist Lawyers in International Business Law.


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