Judicial and extrajudicial consultancy and representation in the fields of transport and shipping law, logistics law and international business law

Gerichtliche und außergerichtliche Beratung und Vertretung auf dem Gebiet des Transport- und Speditionsrechts

LOGiCLAIM® offers you access to specialist advisors who can provide both judicial and out-of-court representation in transport and shipping law, in the law relating to logistics and in international business law. This means that we will be your side to provide guidance in the event of any disputes between your company and your business partner concerning contractual content and services agreed. We will support you in your endeavours to reach an amicable settlement and in Court of Arbitration proceedings both in Germany and abroad. Of course, we will also be available to represent your interests in court should a judicial dispute prove unavoidable. Disputes in the field of transport and shipping law mostly involve marginal cases which require expert knowledge. The very issues of applicable law and place of jurisdiction may in themselves be crucial in terms of determining whether and in which amount a claim can be asserted.

ake advantage of the specialist knowledge which we have built up over a period of 25 years. The legal services of our Managing Director Karl-Heinz Gimmler, founding member and Vice-President of the German Court of Arbitration for Logistics, constitute a particular source of expertise in this regard.


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