Consultancy services regarding all logistics-related issues under employment law and on national & international employee leasing arrangements



LOGiWORX© provides you with comprehensive consultancy services on any logistics-specific matters arising in employment law. Our experience can benefit you in both your inner-German and international dealings. Questions regarding a possible transfer of operations will occur in circumstances where you outsource logistics activities from your company. If logistics tasks are performed by staff from other companies (including firms based abroad), then you will either need to adhere to the German Act on Temporary Employment or at least check whether the way in which contracts have been designed are encompassed by its scope of application. We will also be happy to advise you on purely internal matters such as issues relating to the Minimum Wage Act. Minimum Wage Act and more – special packages which can be booked as optional modules Any negligent breach of the provisions contained in § 21 Paragraphs 2 and 3 of the German Minimum Wage Act (MiLOG) has the potential to result in significant fines. Our “MiLOG & more” optimisation system takes your individual requirements into account by including additional contract design modules relating to legislation such as the Act to Combat Illegal Employment in Commercial Road Haulage (GüKBillBG). We can also draw up agreements in a way which safeguards you against any claims asserted on the basis of so-called guarantor liability pursuant to § 13 MiLOG because of wage differentials vis-à-vis the rates paid to the freight forwarders and carriers used. International employee leasing and alternative contract designs in the field of logistics in particular, e.g. with regard to drivers In the international arena, our specialists can either support you in identifying alternatives to employee leasing or else assist you with creating the right legal framework in circumstances where agency workers are deployed for cross-border operations. This is an area in which each country has differing numbers of regulations in place. We will help you to overcome all bureaucratic barriers and to deal with any particular requirements that may apply in the country of deployment. The latter could include licences, regulations relating to working time or certain provisions in commercial law.



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